torsdag 22. april 2010

Volcanic eruptions and their interpretations

The Iclandic volcanos are erupting and we are given a healthy reminder of the powers of nature. To most of us, it means that we have to accept cancelled flights and cumbersome travelling without being able to blame neither airline companies nor politicians. As long as nobody dies or suffers, I´d say that is a good thing.

To others, it has a far deeper meaning, a scary one that is linked to other ongoing events in our world. These are good times for those inclined towards conspirational thinking, and for religious people who are waiting to hear God´s voice from the outside.

Although I am definitely not conspirationally inclined myself, I have started playing with the idea that there may be some sort of connection between two God-like interpretations of the volcanic eruptions coming from geographically and culturally rather disparate circles. Here they are:

1) Rush Limbaugh, conservative commentator from the US, recently suggested in a radio program that the passing of Obama´s health care bill may have started causing the earth to open up.

2) Ayatollah Kazem Sedhigi, senior cleric from Iran, recently suggested in a Friday prayer that inappropriately clothed women may lead to inchastity and consequently to an increase in earthquakes.

It seems as though God is finally speaking with only one voice after millennia of polyphony. He is angry, and this is why:

Women in Iran have started to relax, and US citizens are getting a chance to improve their health.

Calm down, God! Maybe you should try directing your rage towards evil instead.

6 kommentarer:

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable. A somewhat faithful follower of the above mentioned God meself, I can in no way condone the sort of childish behaviour involved in ripping the ground apart and gushing out magma over a case of moral indignation.

    Personally I believe this is a result of global warming - just think about what happens to the crust of a chocolate muffin at 200 degrees celsius... Tellus fondant, anyone?

  2. Well, my interpretation of the recent eruptions is that this is a classic marketing move by Mr. Omnipresent. Himself (i.e. God) knows that he got serious issues with brand-awareness (e.g. Troen på Gud dør langsomt ut).

    While both the Limbaugh and Ayatollah theories are quite decent and not so far-fetched when looking on God’s interventionist history (remember Sodom & Gomorra?), they fail to see the devil in the details. If their delphic-insights was spot on, it should’ve been Washington and Tehran on fire, not the innocent little island of Iceland.

    Now, if you happen to see this guy (Loki) fly past you on a ship made of human-nails, I would’ve went for the lifeboats.

  3. Could we send Bono to Iceland? Would that help?

  4. I quite like this one myself:

    God is not an engineer, he's a hacker.

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